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C & A's on-time, on-budget performance is what earns the company a solid reputation and working relationship that keeps C & A clients coming back with confidence.

C & A's ten acre facility at 9001 Hwy 4 West, Columbia, LA 71418 allows them to perform piping fabrication if necessary due to jobsite Right-Of-Way size, access or availability. Also their facility allows for inventory of construction materials, heavy equipment storage and fleet maintenance.


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About C & A Development

C & A Development was founded in 1983 by Ronald Carr after working for two decades in the pipeline industry for some of the nation's largest construction companies. During his lengthy tenure working for others, he gained valuable experience in dirt work, culvert installation, drainage projects, road boring, transmission pipeline construction, equipment maintenance and other facets of the construction industry.

Mr. Carr has worked in many different capacities in the construction industry such as a welder, side-boom operator, dozer operator, track-hoe operator and foreman. It was performing these jobs that gave him first-hand knowledge of jobsite operations that enabled him to accurately calculate various labor and equipment requirements for the many jobs he successfully bids.

In the last 29 years he has been able to grow C & A Development from a small construction company performing most of its' work locally in to a company that performs jobs of varying degree in five states though the re-investment of earnings into new equipment, technology and the training of personnel. The latest equipment and technologies continue to give him the competitive edge as his company continues to expand its' services to a growing list of clients.

Early on C & A Development identified two areas of business practices that must be rigidly controlled for profitable operation. They were jobsite accidents and malfunctioning/unreliable equipment. The jobsite accidents were addressed through proper training of personnel on task specific jobs and safety hazards of task to be performed. Malfunctioning and un-reliable equipment was addressed through a rigorous maintenance program and acquisition of new equipment.

Providing personnel with a safety-conscious work environment at the jobsite and maintaining the operational readiness of equipment has allowed C & A to successfully bid jobs in a highly competitive market.


President/CEO - Ronald Carr
Construction Superintendent/Project Management - Mark Hatten
Safety Superintendent - Carl Cornwell
Office Administrator - Donna Dortch


C & A Development meets and/or exceeds all requirements for proper licensing, insurance coverage and bonding for each job the company performs.

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